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2 Commenter le paragraphe 2 0 I’m reading old documents to prepare a first sketch of a paper I’m writing on early (pre-2000) electronic literature communities. I was intrigued to find Jakob Nielsen’s trip report from the very first ACM Hypertext conference held in 1987.

3 Commenter le paragraphe 3 0 By now, the real difference between Nelson and most other hypertext proponents is that he still argues for the universal hypertext which is to contain all literature in the world with interlinked references. To do this, he has invented an addressing scheme called tumblers which has the potential to give an unique address to every byte in all documents in the world. Of course such an open, universal hypertext system should expect to accumulate 100 Mbytes of info every hour and this may seem unrealistic at the present moment. But Nelson reminded us that it had also seemed unrealistic to have several 100 millions of telephones all over the world, all able to call each other.

4 Commenter le paragraphe 4 0 Nielsen’s focus is on technical and not unsurprisingly, usability aspects of hypertext, but he also has a summary of the discussions about hypertext in the humanities, and a short mention of Jay Bolter and Michael Joyce’s presentation of Storyspace, the hypertext authoring tool that became the primary tool for hypertext fiction until the web. (Read the full paper in the ACM digital library: Hypertext and Creative Writing)

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